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    i am so tired and so gay

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  2. Happy Easter! From a medieval church out on the outskirts of an otherwise pleasant city


  3. jervers asked: oh god I completely forgot to follow u oh gosh im sorry!!!!

    Ugh, don’t worry, that’s not compulsory :) any foals fans are friends of mine tho


  4. "It’s always surprised me when bands are asked what their influences are and they answer with three other bands. There are so many other things in life to appreciate – and in my opinion – are a lot more important than music. Mathematics and… Not to get into some poncy discussion but people have been to the moon – that’s something that’s impressive. Not other bands. I think drugs are interesting and I think tennis is interesting and mathematical structures are usually extremely interesting."
    — Yannis, 2007, Brighton Source (x)

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  5. "

    The members of the experimental all-female rock quartet Warpaint feel women should view the dominance of male-led acts as a call to arms. While conceding that the group appears in “more fashion spreads than most dude bands,” vocalist / guitarist Emily Kokal theorized that audiences are more likely to be wowed by a female-led band.

    - There’s a space for it because it hasn’t been tapped out - Kokal said. - There is still a little bit of the ‘really good for a girl’ stuff, but if anything, that’s a call to a challenge. We can let girls know that -.

    — Emily on the role of women in modern music (via camyya)

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    if u like this u are gay if u reblog this u are super deluxe gay

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    When it comes to cooking, not everyone is at the same skill level…

    is that aph england

    how does one fuck up so badly

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    you can see part of the etching (bc the fourth side has no music on it) and the red is soo bright and gorgeous and the sleeves have pics of the girls and i’m so overwhelmed it’s so beautiful

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    Florence on Russian Cosmopolitan Magazine, May 2014.